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Motorbikes Rental

If you are unsure of your destination, let us lead you to discover our land.

Rimini is the place of ideal departure for daily excursions, of the duration of one weekend as of one or more weeks. From here you can choose any destination... in Italy and also to the foreign countries.

The Adriatic coast, our countries and the near Montefeltro are destinations aspired by all the bikers.
Marche, Umbria and Toscana are easily attainable from Rimini through itineraries of great charm and suggestion.
Ours are earths rich in history and culture, with a big gastronomy tradition.

Contact us to have personalized itineraries, each of us it has his/her own demands in fact of trips. it is for this that we will propose you a complete packet on purpose studied and custom

We will amazing you with sporting, tasting and cultural routes.
And your holiday will not have only the sea taste.

Motorbikes Rental

Motorbikes Rental

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